Using NFT collectibles to adopt loyalty customers for ecommerce brands

I have been working with Moongrove's small team over the last year to design their sales deck, marketing site & now MVP.

With a shift in data privacy being put back into the hands of online shoppers (ie no more "accept cookies"), brands need new ways to incentivize brand engagement, acquire customers, and learn about their customers.

With the Moongrove platform, brands can design NFT "collectibles" (kind of like pokemon cards) that users can collect through claim links giving them dynamic access to special offers & experiences through a frictionless user experience.

When customers click a claim link the goal is for them to experience the feeling of a delightful NFT that gifts them with a surprise opportunity to benefits set by the brand.

Creating the pitch

Major brands such as the Starbucks, Instagram & the NFL are already adapting to web3 to improve retention and engagement. Moongrove is a platform that allows any brand to use the power of web3 to create NFT collectibles without the friction of crypotcurrency channels at a much lower cost.

I created a deck that felt bold, modern and futuristic to highlight the UI our product experience would produce.

Designing an approachable consumer product

We used Material 3's Design system to get our product off the ground. In terms of handoff - I used material's online tools to customize our color, type & component system.

I designed the consumer side in dark mode, but the merchant side in light mode as a user can access both ends of the product with a click. Using color was a choice to help differentiate the UX without changing the total product experience.

Language & visual design

NFTs aren't an approachable concept to the everyday person, so we landed on the term "collectible" as a neutral way for people to understand what they were seeking out and/or creating.

Our visual design took shape by studying from market web3 influencers like as NBA Top Shot & Wallet Connect. These types of organizations are doing web3 well, because they make it playful, digestible, and innovative.

Marketing the product & the idea

After designing a custom site we transitioned to webflow to help streamline engineering efforts to the product.

The goal of the site was to make it a narrower version of what our site could look like thatโ€™s focused on loyalty NFTs to make things ultra clear for people, in comparable to competitors such as Recharge, Klaviyo & Postscript.

The site is primarily geared towards merchants that would want to sign up for the platform, focusing on increasing our monthly subscriptions.

Katrina Allick