I live in San Francisco with my golden doodle Larry (named after Larry David). I have 3+ years of experience working in product, UX, UI, & web design with a primary focus of helping launch MVPs at startups.
I've worked in all types of spaces such as AI, SaaS, NFTs, marketing, CRO, VC, and non-profits and am looking to take my contracting work to a full time role for a product that is looking to scale growth fast.
My recent stint was leading the product design for Moongrove AI. I designed 3 sites in Webflow and 2 MVPs in Figma across multiple pivots over the course of 12 months - each implemented within four weeks of design. My final designs led to 42 customers and $50k+ of ARR generated within four weeks of launch, scaling to enterprise, publicly traded ecommerce companies within six weeks.
Let's work together!