Ampush (Tinuiti)

Optimizing CRO for brands of all kind


Mobile/desktop ads, LPs, PDPs


Current contract

What I do:

Work within a capabilities team of 10 to produce ads, landing pages, and designs within 2 week sprints


Contribute to 3 new clients within 2 months of working at the company through my designs

Ampush is a growth marketing partner that crafts holistic strategies and executes throughout the funnel. We solve the total growth challenge.

As a UX/UI Designer my job is to take briefs for new and occurring clients with the goal of optimizing their CRO. Whether it's the challenge of understanding why users bounce from an ad, product details page, or checkout flow, my job is to turn around designs that optimize the customer journey within two week sprints.

I have primarily worked on Business Development (BD) jobs where a brand comes to us with a specific user problem and wants to understand how our services can contribute to solving this problem. On every BD job, I have produced a 100% success rate.

Optimizing data analytics to produce real CRO results

I work specifically on the capabilities team where I am partnered with a PM for a specific brand, sometimes working on up to 3 brands per a week.

Within the greater scheme of the company we work together in greater teams to analyze user trends through a few forms of preliminary UX research depending on the brand's budget and resources: 1) company data analysts 2) feature prioritization voting 3) competitor research.

We then work together to aggregate feature ideas to promote CRO opportunities, design, engineer, then test these theories on staging sites within 2 week sprints.

How my CRO UX work has translated to my product work

Working in CRO has allowed me to stretch my UX/UI muscles at a much faster pace in comparison to my startup work. While working on ads is a much different vertical, I have been able to learn quickly about user growth at a much faster pace.

Within 4 months, I have worked on 12+ brand projects learning about a vast array of user journeys. What has contributed to brand product growth has sometimes been incredibly nuanced or random, but having access to an engineering team that works within such fast sprints has allowed me think creatively and strategically.

Additionally, we primarily work in mobile-first environments giving me access to much larger interaction trends I have previously not had access to.

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