The Last Mile for Generative AI


Desktop web experience


Failed (April 2023)

End Notes:

We had conversations with 50+ investors and reached final stages with top tier VCs like Kleiner Perkins and True Ventures. Unfortunately, due to the economic climate it was in our best interest to close out.

What I did:

Product Design, Marketing Site, Fundraising Deck/Materials


42 customers and $50k+ of ARR generated within four weeks of launch

Since the inception of computing, creativity has been the domain of humans and perfection has been the domain of computers, but AI has flipped that narrative.

At Moongrove we fullfilled a gap in the promise of generative AI: producing retouch-ready visual content with the additional human touch. Using generative AI and the final touch of human retouchers, Moongrove AI could generate hundreds of retouched assets for users from 4 shitty iphone photos (with the guidance of user prompting) within 24 hours.

I led the end-to-end product design of the product, which was implemented in 4 weeks. I also helped strategize our fundraising plan, developing all materials from decks, to prototypes, and Webflow sites to supplement lead investor conversations.

Leveraging our business value into a digestible 1-2-3 step process

Moongrove fulfilled generative AI’s promise, starting with human-in-the-loop finalization for ecommerce visual content by filling the gap between generative AI and near term usability.
Our founders wanted me to create a frictionless dashboard experience that translated our in-take typeform into a 1-2-3 step process for everyday ecommerce platforms: upload assets, make selects, receive content.

Language, Visual & System Design

We used Material 3's Design system to get our product off the ground. I used material's online tools to customize our color, type & component system to our engineering team of three to make shipping as seamless as possible. In terms of Figma organization, I like to to design my page structure in terms of flows and pages.

Our visual design took shape by studying the market of AI influencers such as OpenAI, and the tools that our users were most familiar with, such as Shopify.

🎥 Product walkthrough

Our product reached about 60% engineered production, supporting initial users to move them away from the manual typeform process. We relied heavily on the Figma prototype walkthrough for investors to get the full potential of our product value.

You can view a high fidelity prototype demo below as well as a eng product walkthrough with our COO Kyle.

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