Manhattan Venture Partners

Maintaining the SEO and CMS of a VC Firm


Desktop/mobile website


Current contract (via Huddle)

What I do:

Maintain their webflow site and marketing/brand materials


Optimized the SEO of a vast research library with over 20k subscribers

I was connected to Manhattan Venture Partners (MVP) via Huddle, which is a modern de-centralized creative agency.

With now over 3 months of work for them under my belt, I have optimized the SEO and CMS of their Webflow site that produces traffic from investors and their internal team.

While they are a boutique VC firm, they have worked adjacently with clients from major companies such as Lime, Klarna, Discord, Epic Games, Patreon, and Plaid.

Using UX to streamline their internal process

MVP's biggest point of user entry is their research department, where an offshore team analyzes market trends and publishes these trends in a bi-monthly newsletter.

My goal with up-keeping their site has been to not only improve the experience of investors digesting this information, but to also expedite the process of transforming these newsletter PDFs into web pages that are optimized for the web.

How my web design work has translated to my product work

By looking under the hood of a site's complex system, it's contributed to my deeper thought about overall user journey's when interacting with web interfaces.

I've had to think methodically about how to organize a site from the macro to the micro, translating to my growth in thinking about overall design systems.

This is a side project to my other work, but the additional benefit has been a window to the VC world as well.

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