The Solution Discovery Platform


Lead Product Designer

June 2021 - present

Product Status

Expected V1 launch July 2022

The reality of today's B2B marketplace is that it is just as complicated to buy as it is to sell. With this same challenge there is equally the outdated language and experience of "buying" and "selling". What if we created a modernized and smart ecosystem to help young professionals and experts to solve problems like retention rate or workplace diversity in a single, dynamic space? Gartner reports that 79% of buyers take longer than 3 months to evaluate, select, and purchase software. Consider the general market productivity gains when we get this to 80% under 2 months. We are attempting to do solve this at SameSide and I am visualizing that solution.

We are currently transitioning dev teams so I designed a demo powered by Webflow, showcasing our solutioning experience.The demo was created over a 2 week sprint to maintain the momentum of investor funding. While you can view our MVP/beta product to the right, our updated V1 product will be fully functioning and up by the end of June 2022.