California Farmlink

Amplifying a non-profit's UX to help bring land equity & business education to farmers & ranchers

My good friend Laura invited me onboard to bid for a website redesign project for California FarmLink.

The purpose of the project was to streamline the presentation of its current look and optimize the site for fully bilingual (English-Spanish) content, with the intention to improve the user experience, increase site traffic, & strengthen appeal to potential donors.

I led the end-to-end ux design process, while Laura led the client management, style guide, and implementation into webflow.

The scope of the project & deliverables

The scope of my portion of the project was to deliver competitive research across features & UI, three user personas, a new sitemap, and a high fidelity wireframes/prototype of the new site within three months.

We delivered upon our scope on time using weekly client standups as well as a notion library to track our progress and integrate client feedback.


The most important deliverable was the new sitemap - defining core entry and exit points for our three users.

We completed a full site audit and outlined areas of improvement for key user task flows. We re-bucketed and named our navigational terms through user interviews and simple terms that could easily be translated into Spanish.

Wireframes & Interactive prototype

Once we finalized a sitemap with the client, we completed a full content audit of the site, and restructured our new pages using content blocks that I pulled from a UI kit to speed up time.

Through the use of a simple brand guidelines & styled components we produced:

1. A high fidelity interactive prototype in Figma for the client to use as a visual reference rewriting the copy of the site &
2. A staging site for multi-team reviews

While producing this level of a prototypes takes time it was necessary for two reasons:

1. The client copy document was over 30 pages (yikes!) - so having a prototype made it easy to call out areas of attention with the color green &
2. There are multiple stakeholders on the client side, so being able to share the prototype across different teams kept feedback concise

Katrina Allick